Super Hero Writes Children’s Book

Jay Ball writes children’s book teaching forgiveness and the atonement of Christ.

Little Ip and The Land of Contrasts is a children’s book that will give you a powerful new perspective on Christ. It does this in parable form, without mentioning “God” or “Christ” at all. The good news is that because it’s a children’s book – written in story-book fashion – the message is easy to digest and entertaining to read.

I wrote this book in response to a child’s question, “Daddy, why didn’t God save Jesus on the cross?”

Good question.

Christians and Non-Christians have been asking this question for ages.

Have you ever tried to research this question yourself? Did you feel like you were suddenly swimming in a sea of Christian philosophy, where the explanations were clouded in complex theological theories using big words like “atonement”, “expiation”, and “propitiation”?

This book is not meant to be a tool to convert the world to Christianity. Its main message is on forgiveness, but it also simplifies the complex question, “why did Christ have to suffer, why couldn’t God save him?”